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Elevate any space with this exquisite Electric White Ceramic Diffuser - Square Stripes! This diffuser is a unique and stylish way to add luxurious scent to your home, office, or any room. Working to release a gentle fragranced mist,

How To Use An Electric Diffuser

To use your Electric Diffuser, holding the base, carefully remove the cover and the inside spout.

Fill your diffuser with cold, clean water just below the max line (do not exceed this line).

Then, add a few drops of your chosen essential or fragrance oil.

Place the spout and the cover back on to your diffuser.

Connect the power supply and switch on.

Then use the power button to turn on your diffuser.

The button to the right of the machine controls the lighting options.

Remember to switch off at the power supply when not in use.

Ceramic electric aroma diffuser


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