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Stunning glass candle in a monochrome dalmation spot design

200 ml of soy wax in one of our stunning new fragrances

Cuban oak & tobacco

Transport yourself to the sultry evenings of Havana with our Cuban Tobacco & Oak Fragrance Oil. This sophisticated blend of aromatic notes evokes the spirit of Cuban cigars and the warmth of oak as rich cologne aromas create an invigorating and refreshing ambience with a smoky depth.

Black fig & vetiver

With a rich aromatic scent, our Black Fig And Vetiver Fragrance Oil ushers in a cool earthy aura. Reminiscent of a spring walk in verdant fields, this fragrance oil boasts full-bodied green, fruity and earthy aromas with a hint of warming spice.


A must have scent for this transitional period from summer to Autumn, packed with crisp, fruity notes of pear and quince on a base of florals and sweet Amber.

Top: Pear and Quince

Middle: Evergreen Shurbs

Bottom: Sweet Amber

Glass dalmation 200 ml container candle


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